How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment that meets your scheduling needs, please call our office:

520-624-8535 or Click Here to email us

Monday through Thursday 8am to 5pm. We’re closed from Friday to Sunday.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Most patients can get an appointment within a week or two.

What if I have an emergency?

First Dental Center has emergency appointments daily. We have slots reserved specifically for emergencies. If you experience an emergency situation (pain, bleeding or swelling), call right away and we will work you into an immediate slot.


What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

Please call First Dental Center as soon as your plans change to reschedule your dental appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, a missed appointment fee may be charged. By giving us advance notice, we can try to schedule another patient for that time.

How long does it take to get a single implant, a full mouth restoration, dentures?

For a single implant:  You come in to have the tooth extracted and the implant placed.  The healing time is a few months, then you’ll receive the crown.

For a full mouth restoration with crowns:  Most cases can be done in 2-3 appointments, usually in less than 1 month.

 For dentures: At First Dental, we have what we call, Immediate Dentures.  You walk out the day of your extractions with your new teeth.

How do I get to your office?

First Dental Center is near Walmart on W. Valencia and I-19. We are located at the Midvale Park Commercial Center. If you get lost, please give us a call at 520-624-8535 or visit our Contact page.

What can I expect at my first visit?

During your first visit to our office, you will receive a thorough dental examination that includes X-rays and comprehensive risk assessments. We will provide a Personal Treatment Plan based upon your immediate needs, current dental health and long-term oral health goals. This individual plan will include recommendations for cleanings, restorations and preventive treatments. Most patients will receive a cleaning at their first visit, based on the assessment and recommendation.

Can I get major work done right away?

Our first priority is to diagnose and treat any urgent conditions that pose an immediate threat to your oral health. Our next priority is prevention, which means controlling the disease process, promoting wellness, and helping you maintain good overall oral health. This is important to make sure that any major restorative work is successful in the long term. Once you have achieved a satisfactory state of oral health and your teeth and supporting structures are stabilized, then we can proceed with major restorative work that builds on this healthy foundation.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do.  At First Dental we use CareCredit that we can discuss when you come in for your first visit.  We work to make treatment affordable for you.