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First Dental Center provides families in Southwest Tucson with the dental care they deserve. We’re conveniently located at Valencia and Midvale, less than a mile east of Mission Road. We’re right here in your neighborhood.

 First Dental Center provides medical and cosmetic dentistry care to the highest standard. We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. Our bilingual staff is prepared to accommodate Spanish speaking families, assuring that their dental health concerns are understood and promptly addressed.


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First Dental Center was started specifically for families like yours. We wanted patients in Southwest Tucson to have access to high quality dental healthcare. Our practice offers a comprehensive list of services to families in Southwest Tucson. Whether you’re seeking cosmetic teeth whitening, dentures, or a root canal, Dr. Kimberly Yang is prepared to serve you.

About Dr. Kimberly Yang

Dr Kimberly Yang graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ School of Dental Medicine with awards for her academic accomplishments in her field. She went on to practice dentistry in Nevada and Iowa, but eventually set roots in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Yang went above and beyond with her training for complicated dental procedures, such as dental implants and root canals. She understands that these are the procedures that most patients find intimidating. She uses her comprehensive knowledge of these procedures to create the best possible experience for patients who come to her seeking top notch dental care.

Dr. Yang loves Southwest Tucson just as much as you and your family do. She also knows that the food in Southwest Tucson is some of the best in the world. She loves to try local family run eateries. If you know of a great place, she’d love a recommendation.


We’re Here for Your Family Dentistry Needs

First Dental Center provides services for patients at every stage of life. We’re here to check up on your toddler’s first tooth and to address the health of abuelita’s gums. We aim to be the perfect dental office for your entire family. We’ve built a practice you can feel comfortable recommending to everyone you love.

Mom and Dad are both busy. Working families need the convenience of a dentist that can see to everyone. It means less trips all over town and less time off work for appointments. We understand the needs of the modern Southwest Tucson family, and we’re here to meet them.

¡Por Supuesto, neustra oficina dentista en Tucson se habla Español!

Spanish speaking families are the backbone of Southwest Tucson’s rich cultural tapestry. Of course our dental practice is bilingual! Everyone, no matter what language they speak, is entitled to the best possible oral healthcare. We always have Spanish speaking staff available. We want Spanish speaking families to feel comfortable describing symptoms to their dentist, and we want them to feel comfortable understanding the explanations of the procedures they’re about to undergo. A language barrier should never prevent a patient from receiving the best possible dental care.


Our Dental Health Services

First Dental Center provides every dental service that families living in Southwest Tucson will need. We’re here to treat your whole family’s oral health and cosmetic dentistry needs. We aim to provide every dental health service a family might need right in our office.

Teeth Cleanings

Most people need professional dental cleanings at least twice a year. A thorough professional cleaning can help to remove plaque or prevent its buildup. It also gives your dentist an opportunity to assess the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Small cavities or the beginnings of gum disease can be detected early during a cleaning. This makes it easy to treat or reverse dental health concerns before they become more complicated or painful issues. A little pre-emptive care will go a long way in maintaining the health of your mouth.

Composite Fillings

Silver colored fillings were the only option for a long time. The problem is that they were extremely noticeable. You can see a silver filling in a smile from a mile away. Modern composite fillings are just as strong and last just as long, but they blend in seamlessly with the tooth. No one will ever know you had a composite filling. Treat your cavity with beautiful results. It’s a win-win situation.


Teeth Whitening

Most people would prefer a smile that’s a few shades whiter. Over the counter whitening products simply cannot deliver the results that an in-office treatment can. The concentrations of peroxide in whitening strips and pens are much weaker, as they’re designed to be safe for in-home use. Dr. Yang can administer stronger and more effective whitening treatments that will produce immediately noticeable results.

Keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate for tooth whitening treatments. People with weakened enamel will find that peroxide based whiteners do more harm than good. If you’re interested in tooth whitening, speak with Dr. Yang. She’ll be able to advise of your safest and most effective options.

Periodontal Disease

About half of Americans experience some kind of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is very common, and it’s also reversible if it’s treated on time. If gingivitis is left unchecked, it can become a serious disease called periodontitis. Stop gum disease before it takes over your mouth.

Most people notice the beginnings of gum disease as increased gum sensitivity, redness, inflammation, or bleeding when flossing or brushing vigorously. Periodontitis presents more severely. The gums may appear to recede, and the pockets around the teeth appear larger. If you notice any of these symptoms, book an appointment right away. The health of your mouth is at stake.

Irene, amazing! Dr. Yang Rockstar! Yadira great! Roxi might be the best front desk agent I have ever encountered! Angelica is another wonderful addition to the team! Gracia very

Adam Hancock Avatar Adam Hancock
November 19, 2023

Absolutely love the staff and have received the most amazing dental care.

lesilee dempsey Avatar lesilee dempsey
November 19, 2023


Dental crowns (or caps) are used to restore broken, damaged, or worn down teeth. A crown is designed to replicate the color and shape of a healthy tooth and is permanently secured over the damaged tooth surface. The crown restores the teeth, leaving behind no evidence that the tooth was ever damaged.

Crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Significantly discolored or stained teeth can be fitted with crowns to match the color of the surrounding teeth, helping them to blend in with the rest of your smile.

Root Canals

Most people are terrified when they hear they need a root canal. These people likely aren’t familiar with the way the procedure has changed over the years. Modern root canals are not the painful and complicated hassle they used to be in the past. Dr. Yang has extensively studied root canals and utilizes the most effective practices for the health and comfort of the patient.

During a root canal, damaged or infected teeth are treated from the root system and salvaged. A root canal may allow you to keep damaged teeth, rather than extracting them and replacing them with dental implants. If you have the option of getting a root canal to salvage your tooth, you should always explore that option first.

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. If you lost a permanent tooth or if you require the extraction of a significantly damaged natural tooth, a dental implant might be your best choice. Dental implant procedures involve removing the damaged tooth or any remaining tooth fragments.

Then, a titanium screw is inserted into the gums to hold the base for your new tooth. A dental lab will create a permanent artificial tooth designed to match the color and shape of your surrounding teeth, creating something that will perfectly and seamlessly blend in. The tooth is attached to the end of the screw, called an abutment. The tooth will look as though it’s perfectly natural and has emerged from your gums.


Dental bridges can be used to replace one or two consecutive missing teeth. Highly realistic artificial teeth are made to match the color and shape of the healthy teeth in your mouth. They can be cemented to two healthy supportive teeth on either side of the gap, made to stay in place. Alternatively, removable bridges can be created.

Some people may benefit more from dental implants or partial dentures. Dr. Yang will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your needs.

Tucson West Side Dentures

Dentures and Partials

People with significant and widespread tooth decay may prefer extractions and dentures or partial dentures as a dental health solution. They’re also valuable for people who have already lost a significant amount of teeth.

Any remaining teeth are extracted and a custom dental prosthesis (denture) is designed to fit the mouth and replace the missing teeth. Partial dentures are used to restore mouths with multiple missing or extracted teeth that still have remaining healthy teeth. The healthy teeth can be treated, cleaned, and saved, and the partial will make up the difference.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is always a last resort, especially when the tooth in question is not a wisdom tooth. Before extraction becomes an option, you want to be sure that nothing can be done to salvage or repair the tooth. A crown, filling, or root canal can help to restore significantly damaged teeth.

If the decay or trauma is serious, the tooth will need to be fully and safely extracted. This is usually the case when a very significant infection is present.

After the tooth is successfully extracted, tooth replacement options can be explored. If the gum and bone are healthy, you may be a candidate for a dental implant. If not, a permanent or removable bridge may suffice.

We’re Committed to the Southwest Tucson Community

Dr. Yang loves Southwest Tucson so much that she decided to make it her permanent home. The culture, the people, and the food make Southwest Tucson one of the best places in the country to live. The spirit of family and strong cultural roots make Southwest Tucson a bright and vibrant place. We’re committed to the health of the families in the community we love.

Make an Appointment at First Dental Center

You can make an appointment with First Dental Center using our convenient online contact form. One of our office staff will contact you to confirm the details of your appointment. Alternatively, you can call us at 520-624-8538 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. If you have questions about the treatments and procedures we offer, we’re happy to answer them in English or en Español.

You can also drop by our office at 1710 W Valencia Rd, Suite 190, Tucson, AZ 85746. We’re one exit south of the Spectrum Shopping Center and less than a mile from Mission Road. Our office is easy to access from anywhere in Southwest Tucson.