Cosmetic Crowns Tucson

Cosmetic crowns can change the way your smile looks and functions. If broken, damaged, or decayed teeth are negatively impacting your confidence, First Dental in Tucson can help. Our practice provides cosmetic crowns for patients in the Midvale Park, Drexel Heights, and Valencia West area who are looking to improve their smiles.

What is a Crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth that is permanently affixed on top of the prepared surface of a natural tooth. A crown is designed to seamlessly match the surrounding healthy teeth, creating the illusion of a naturally perfect smile. Great crowns go completely unnoticed, and that’s the entire point. No one would suspect your beautiful smile contains artificial teeth.

Crowns are made from a special tooth colored porcelain that is specially shaped and colored for each patient. With great care, a high quality crown can last up to 15 years before requiring replacement.

What Are Crowns Used For?

Crowns can be used to restore damaged, broken, or significantly decayed teeth. While these crowns come with cosmetic benefits, they also improve the way the mouth functions. It’s easier to talk and eat when teeth are strong and in their proper shape. Crowns also fix teeth that are often more prone to infection, acting as preventative care for your oral health.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

You might want to consider professional tooth whitening treatments before you get a crown if you are free of decay. Your crown won’t respond to these whitening agents. If you were to apply them later, your teeth and your crown will become mismatched. It’s easier to whiten your teeth and maintain their level of whiteness than it is to replace a crown to make it match the rest of your mouth.

Getting a crown begins with preparing the tooth. Decayed portions of the tooth are removed and the exterior layer of the tooth is filed off. The remaining portion of tooth may resemble a cylinder or a top hat, depending on the kind of tooth being treated.

An impression is made of the remaining portion of the tooth. This will be used to shape the interior portion of your crown, ensuring a perfect fit.

A temporary crown will be fitted over your filed down tooth to protect it while a lab creates a custom crown. This crown will be made the same color as your surrounding teeth.

When your final crown is completed, your dentist will gently remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent crown, affixing it with a special kind of dental cement.

Caring For Your Crowns

Care for your crowns the same way you should care for your natural teeth. Crowns need to be flossed and brushed twice a day. Avoid teeth whitening products when you have dental crowns, as the teeth around the crown will change color, but the crown will not. Don’t chew on ice or hard candy. Hard textures can crack your crown, exposing the sensitive filed tooth underneath.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, your crown will wear away like a natural tooth. You might need to wear a mouthguard at night to prevent premature wear and tear on your crown. If you’re open to the idea, Botox injections in the muscles responsible for jaw clenching can relax the muscle and prevent you from grinding your teeth while you’re asleep. This treatment is often covered by health insurance.

Are Crowns Better Than Dental Implants?

Crowns and dental implants are not the same thing. If a tooth exists, a crown can be fitted over it. This is the simplest and least traumatic way to restore teeth. If there’s no need to remove the existing portion of the tooth, there’s no reason to go the more expensive and complicated route of dental implants.

If the tooth is missing or requires extraction, a dental implant can be used instead of a crown. It’s not wise to pull a salvageable tooth in favor of replacing it with a dental implant for cosmetic purposes.

Should I Get Veneers?

Veneers are a lot like permanent dentures. They’re not used to repair teeth. They’re purely a cosmetic solution. Veneers, crowns, and dental implants cannot be used interchangeably. Veneers only cover the front part of the tooth. They’re prone to coming loose and don’t often last the maximum duration they’re reported to last. When they do come off, they leave a significantly damaged tooth vulnerable and exposed.

Are Veneers Bad?

While many people love the appearance of veneers, the process of getting veneers is a little more sinister. In order for veneers to be fitted to the teeth, healthy teeth need to be completely filed down. The enamel is removed and the tooth is destroyed in order to secure the veneer.

We don’t do veneers at First Dental. We’re simply not comfortable potentially harming healthy teeth solely for cosmetic purposes. Tooth whitening products and braces will allow you to achieve a perfectly aligned and white smile without grinding off your healthy enamel.

Can I Use Crowns on Healthy Teeth?

Like with veneers, we don’t want to damage perfectly healthy teeth. You can have your teeth whitened if you’re trying to improve their hue. If your tooth is chipped, broken, or decayed, or if the enamel is already significantly eroded, you may be a candidate for cosmetic crowns. If you have a section of broken or eroded teeth, you’ll benefit most from a dental bridge.

Fixing Your Smile at First Dental

First Dental is here to help patients in Valencia West, Drexel Heights, and Midvale Park achieve healthy, strong, and beautiful teeth through the use of crowns. Removing decay and bacteria and restoring the surfaces of your teeth will improve your life. You’ll feel confident about your smile. Your mouth will be healthier. Eating and talking will be easier when broken or chipped teeth are made to look new again.

To learn more about cosmetic crowns in Tucson, contact First Dental. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we’re right here waiting.


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