You get treated very well by everyone working there.

Angel Lopez Avatar Angel Lopez
November 19, 2023

Amazing staff, I’ve been coming here for many years, very thorough procedures and friendly people and great atmosphere, I have much love for this First Dental Center 🙂

big_ blikky (big_blikky) Avatar big_ blikky (big_blikky)
May 9, 2024

Great dental experience every time. Clean and bright environment, treating every patient with a smile, I love this place and would highly recommend the dental office!

Krystal Zhou Avatar Krystal Zhou
October 3, 2023

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Cary Smith Avatar Cary Smith
November 19, 2023

I absolutely loved First Dental. From the first moment I entered the facility I experienced a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s almost family like. I look forward to making this my home for all my dental needs.

Daniel Dong Avatar Daniel Dong
January 5, 2023

The clinic is spotlessly clean and up-to-date with equipment and tools. Staff is friendly and passionate about providing care to those in need. They are all caring and concerned about how the patient feels during and after any procedure. The entire team communicates great and treats you like a long-time friend. They are trustworthy, and they always do their best to follow up with any additional information. I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else but here. ☆☆☆☆☆

Kalin Jr Avatar Kalin Jr
November 9, 2023

Dr. Kimberly Yang, and her staff Angelica and Roxane are awesome! They are very professional, every one is very kind and the facility is very clean. Dr. Yang explained step by step of the procedure that was being done. They truly care and want to take care of their patients and make you feel welcome. Best experience I had in a long time in a dental office.

Samantha Vargas Avatar Samantha Vargas
February 4, 2021

I've been going to First Dental for a couple years now. Hands down the best group of dental employees I've encountered. From Roxy at the front desk to both dental assistants(Angelica and Yadira) to Irene dental hygienist to Dr. Yang. They make sure your doing ok during your procedures to even the after care. They go above and beyond the next day to call you and follow up on how your doing after your procedure. Lucky to have found this dentist office.

Candace Morales Avatar Candace Morales
November 1, 2023

Absolutely love the staff and have received the most amazing dental care.

lesilee dempsey Avatar lesilee dempsey
November 19, 2023

Staff is always friendly and their work is skilled and thorough. Recommend.

Guy Rounds Avatar Guy Rounds
November 19, 2023

Irene, amazing! Dr. Yang Rockstar! Yadira great! Roxi might be the best front desk agent I have ever encountered! Angelica is another wonderful addition to the team! Gracia very

Adam Hancock Avatar Adam Hancock
October 24, 2023

Dr Yang is very detailed and puts patient needs at forefront. Hygienist is knowledgeable and so thorough in preventative and maintenance of hygiene. Front desk, xray and every person you come in contact in the office is knowledgeable, kind and super customer servicing. They are patient and very kind. It was an enjoyable experience even though it has been a hiatus from the dentist because they scare me. Will stay on top of it and remain at First Dentistry.

Melissa Bugarin-Espinoza Avatar Melissa Bugarin-Espinoza
January 30, 2024

I'm really happy that I found First Dental Center. They are skilled at their trade and it is just a very positive and friendly place to go. You'll be glad you came.

Tom Taatjes Avatar Tom Taatjes
May 10, 2024

I’ve had a fear of dentists for many years due to some past issues with other dentists. I have had the best experience so far ever with Dr. Yang and her amazing staff!

Danielle Diaz Avatar Danielle Diaz
October 19, 2023

Five Stars! Dr. Yang and all her people are the bomb!

Craig Simson Avatar Craig Simson
October 19, 2023

Good dental with gentle hands. I did 4 crowns there, I feel better. The service are great and prices are affordable. Thank you D. Yang

ammar alsamawy Avatar ammar alsamawy
January 21, 2021

Although I didn’t do any teeth cleaning because I couldn’t do the X-ray due to my pregnancy. But I love this place , they are super friendly and nice . I will definitely come back!

Sonia Lujan Avatar Sonia Lujan
June 29, 2022

I have been using the services of First Dental Center for several years. Dr. Yang and the entire staff are professionals and trustworthy. They are kind, friendly, and the best group of people because they care about their patients. I highly recommend and appreciate them.

Adrian Mendoza Avatar Adrian Mendoza
May 16, 2024

The staff is top notch! From the minute you walk in Roxy greets you with a smile. The hygienists and Dentist are very professional explaining the steps of the procedures as you go. After I had a temporary crown put on she even called me the next day to check and make sure I was healing and if I had any questions. They really care about their patients well being!

Brigett Devos Avatar Brigett Devos
October 10, 2023

Dr. Yang and her staff are very professional and informative. Dr Yang will call you personally to follow up after a procedure. That's real customer service!

Trish Del Campo Avatar Trish Del Campo
May 4, 2024